Terms and Condition:

1. Only obtainable through Buy me a coffee, Paypal donation, Wise.2. Please complete the payment to begin the work.3. I will show you the sketch after completing the down payment, if there is a major revise (such as pose or anatomy) please inform me in this sketch phase.4. After the illustration done, I will send you the High Res Version.5. Remember to credit and link back to me.6. The complexity of the subject might affect the final price.The final product is strictly for personal use.

The client can display commissioned artwork anywhere they want, as can the artist. The artist’s authorship should be clearly detailed on any and all reproductions. The client is not allowed to use the artwork for any commercial purposes or sell it to a third party unless it is clearly stated in the initial requirements as this will affect the price. No NFT allowed for any purposes.
None of my artworks can be used in any AI-related or blockchain-related technology, to include cryptocurrency, NFTs, DALL-E, or future similar inventions. Any art appearing as such has been used without my permission.* Commissions are not refundable.

Sketchy style

Headshot: 45$
Bust-up: 90$
Halfbody: 135$
Fullbody: 180$
Simple color, white background

Semi-Realism Portrait

Base price: 140$
Bust up(with hands): 180$
Base price couple: 230$
Bust up couple: 300$
Armor, accessories, pets: starting at 60$+

Half Body(Simple Background)

Base price: 230$
Base price couple: 420$
Armor, accessories, pets: starting at 60$+


Base price: 420$
Additional characters: starting at 350+$
Fill out the form. I understand how much work is to be done and tell you the final price.Full body without background: 300$